Bryan Steven Gooding
Mary Bywater Cross
2021 Lopez Island Studio Tour
Artists by Name
Other Media: Wood bowls, platters, etc
Sculpture: Lathe turned wood sculptures
Functional Art: Functional wood pieces, ie bowls
Painting: Plein air watercolor painting
Drawing: Watercolor and chalk figurative
Windswept Studio and Fine Art Gallery
Painting: Oil and watercolor
Sculpture: Hand carved stone sculpture
Sky Lake Gallery
Textile: Woolen quilts
Cross Bywater Studio
Mixed Media: Acrylic paint, collage
Printmaking: Lino cut blocks of local birds
Amy Ferron Fine Arts
Other Media: Assemblage - a combination of found objects and a collage
Studio of Bryan Steven Gooding
Painting: Watercolor
Sculpture: Clay and wood
Raven Studio
Painting: Pastels, watercolors and oils for plein air landscape paintings
Drawing: All mediums - landscape, portrait and figurative works
Windswept Studio and Fine Art Gallery
Painting: Pastels,watercolors,oils
Printmaking: Etchings,serigraphs
Graphic Design: Logos, posters
Illustration: Drawings, cartoons, caricatures
Christa Malay Studio & Gallery
Mixed Media: Dried pressed flowers, encaustic wax
Graphic Design: Botanical collage
Other Media: Organic mixed media
Sculpture: Floral sculpture
The Barn
Sculpture: Wood
Studio of Bruce Richardson
Painting: Oil
Molly Preston Arts
Sculpture: Granite, basalt, and other hard stone
Studio of Bruce Richardson
Painting: Acrylic and paper on canvas
Cavanagh/Vandervelde Studio
Mixed Media
Studio of Bryan Steven Gooding