Suz O'Dell
Suz O'Dell
Jewelry: Fine silver and bronze jewelry,gemstones

Mailing address
402 Pavey Blvd
Lopez Island, WA 98261




Suz ODell has been a craftsperson and artist for over 40 years. She found herself drawn into the arts at an early age.

Suz spent five years living in Germany, studying photography, and traveling to other countries with her camera. In the early 80s she began working as a professional photographer for the California film and commercial industries spending over 12 years as a freelance photographer, production manager and producer.

In the early 90s, Suz continued her pursuit of the arts by studying Lapidary (the art of gem cutting) at Galileo Gem Guild, as well as Metalsmithing at the Sharon Arts Studio in San Francisco, California.

When in the late 90s, a new medium called Precious Metal Clay became available to artists it was love at first sight. ODell completed an intensive course designed for teachers and was urged by her metals teacher to share her knowledge and start teaching. She began teaching Precious Metal Clay in 1999.

A few years later, Bronze was introduced to the art world. Suz immediately started working in Bronze. She has taught at various venues and art centers on the west coast including Sharon Art Studio San Francisco, Sonoma Art Center, Mendocino Art Center, Danaca Design Studio Seattle, The Schack Art Center Everett Tacoma Metal Art Center Tacoma, and MONA La Connor, WA. She completed jewelry fabrication courses at Sharon Arts Center and at Richmond Arts Center.

Suz draws much of her inspiration from nature. Her work often reflects the animals and flora of the Northwest and the Pacific.

She carefully embellishes fine silver and bronze by texturing and hand-building and stamping the metal to create a surface resonating with the spirit of nature. She also uses Keum Boo, a process of bonding gold to the silver surface. This is the foundation for the hand-lapped gemstones she uses in her work. Selected for rich color, clarity, and their magical energies, the gemstones are set into the worked metal, creating a limited studio line and one-of-a-kind works.

2021 Lopez Island Studio Tour
Sunnyfield Studio at 900 Fisherman Bay Rd