Stephen Nicolas Carter
Stephen Nicolas Carter
Ceramics: Maiolica, terra cotta
Sculpture: Wood carving, country artifacts

Mailing address
159 Sperry Road
Lopez Island, WA 98261



Studio: Villa Pupi Pazzi
159 Sperry Rd
Phone 360.468.0517
Handicapped Access
My name is Stephen Nicolas Carter. I am a sculptor, puppeteer, and woodcarver, and ceramicist.

For nearly forty years I and my wife Chris created and performed puppet and marionette theater all over the world. During these years I carved the figures of wood, and painted the scenic drops, making my own paint using ground pigments and rabbitskin glue. We still do puppet shows, but not so often. In 2004 we settled on Lopez Island, building a home, raising dairy goats, ducks, geese and chickens and growing our own produce.

My art often refers to puppet theater, folk art, and barnyard animals because those are things I especially enjoy. Some of my work is for sale, but that is not why I do art. I like art to be part of life. I am showing artifacts of an imaginary world, which is the one I prefer to live in.