TJ Anderson
Sally Moore
2021 Lopez Island Studio Tour
Artists by Studio
Studios from north to south (see single map of all here)
1. Cross Bywater Studio
Mary Bywater Cross: Textile
Joan Gouge: Textile
Jules McLeland: Jewelry
Kate Anne Scott: Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting, Printmaking
2. Windswept Studio and Fine Art Gallery
Ralph Bladt: Drawing, Painting
Steven R Hill: Drawing, Painting
3. Sumner Design
4. The Barn
Amanda Summers McCauley: Graphic Design, Mixed Media, Other Media, Sculpture
5. Christa Malay Studio & Gallery
Christa Malay: Graphic Design, Illustration, Painting, Printmaking
6. Sally by the Sea
John Moore: Sculpture
Sally Moore: Other Media, Textile
7. Sunnyfield Studio
Eirene M Blomberg: Sculpture
Sheila Metcalf: Textile
Suz O'Dell: Jewelry
8. Martha Spieker
Martha Spieker: Mixed Media, Painting
9. Colin Goode Gallery
Heather Arps: Textile
10. Studio 45 Glass
11. Betsy's studio
Betsy Currie: Painting
Marianna Haniger: Ceramics
Karla Lillestol: Printmaking
12. Island Fibers
13. Cavanagh/Vandervelde Studio
Peter R Cavanagh: Photography
Ann Vandervelde: Painting
14. Studio of Bryan Steven Gooding
Bryan Steven Gooding: Other Media
Robert Wood: Mixed Media, Paper, Sculpture, Textile
15. Amy Ferron Fine Arts
Amy Ferron: Mixed Media, Printmaking
16. Dave Raynalds' studio
Dave L Raynalds: Ceramics, Other Media, Painting
17. Sky Lake Gallery
Tamara Buchanan: Drawing, Sculpture
18. Sarah Snowden
Sarah Snowden: Painting
19. Studio of Bruce Richardson
Michael Peterson: Sculpture
Bruce Richardson: Sculpture
20. Umbertide
TJ Anderson: Functional Art, Other Media, Sculpture
Audrey Bordvick: Painting, Printmaking
Jonelle Johnson: Painting, Printmaking
21. Molly Preston Arts
Molly Preston: Painting
22. Raven Studio
Karen Hattman: Painting, Sculpture
23. The Garage Gallery
Lynda Meurk Anderson: Multimedia, Printmaking, Sculpture, Textile